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We are buying your colored Gemstones

We are buying your colored Gemstones

  • For your eyes only –  Brazilian neon Paraiba Tourmaline
  • A great article.. say it all


In our last newsletter, we went over values for Kashmir Sapphires, 5 years back, to today’s  per ct pricing see our Joseph Menzie Inc. facebook page for this info.

With the rising pricing on fine to gem quality color we look to partner with you, buying locally, selling nationally and internationally. Please go our website to view details, and become part of this exciting new method to bring in money.


The first gemstone we offer for sale, is an under appreciated once in a lifetime Gemstone to view – very rare, large, certified Brazilian, neon Blue, Paraiba Tourmaline – for your most discriminating customers. To understand the nuances of this Gemstone from it source go to the Robb Report article Big Blue


I have enclosed an article, The Allure Of Gemstones – Keeping The Sparkle In Your Asset, from Antoinette Maitlin, a close friend that speaks volumes on gemstone appreciation, allure and values over time. I know you will enjoy it.


Joe Menzie

Featured Gemstones…

Paraiba ring 12.76

Paraiba Tourmaline
12.76 Carats, No Heat

6.27 Carats

Emerald Drops Earrings
Columbia, Crystal Clean

Recently we were asked by a very fine client to dispose of an extremely rare collection of colored gemstones and large colored diamonds. Joe took a personal interest in the sale and put us in front of the biggest players in the industry. Needless to say we sold the collection. Thanks Joe, without your personal attention and reputation our clients could not realize the return they did. I could not have done this without you.

You’re the best
Brian Lauer
AB Lauer Jewelers
Springfield, Il

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