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We are buying your colored Gemstones

We are buying your colored Gemstones

  • For your eyes only –  Brazilian neon Paraiba Tourmaline
  • A great article.. say it all


In our last newsletter, we went over values for Kashmir Sapphires, 5 years back, to today’s  per ct pricing see our Joseph Menzie Inc. facebook page for this info.

With the rising pricing on fine to gem quality color we look to partner with you, buying locally, selling nationally and internationally. Please go our website to view details, and become part of this exciting new method to bring in money.


The first gemstone we offer for sale, is an under appreciated once in a lifetime Gemstone to view – very rare, large, certified Brazilian, neon Blue, Paraiba Tourmaline – for your most discriminating customers. To understand the nuances of this Gemstone from it source go to the Robb Report article Big Blue


I have enclosed an article, The Allure Of Gemstones – Keeping The Sparkle In Your Asset, from Antoinette Maitlin, a close friend that speaks volumes on gemstone appreciation, allure and values over time. I know you will enjoy it.


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First Time Ever, for your benefit. A consortium is formed….

As you have read in our past newsletters, we have shifted, ever so slightly, our mission statement to become a “concierge” service provider. This enables you, our client, to learn, who are some of the “best of the best” in NYC and what amenities they provide that support and benefit your business and you.

To this end, we will showcase a number of companies and people, introducing them to you in our newsletter, via video; text and more fully on our website ( and Facebook page, These professionals embrace much of the service sector, inclusive of:

  1. Lappidist .. Diamonds and colored Gemstones,
  2. Estate purchasing / buying;
  3. Estate appraisals for period jewelry
  4. Diamond and Gemstone purchasing
  5. Manufacturing; Design … Handmade jewelry creations, casters and artisans that refurbish estate pieces,
  6. Stringing … pearls; beads and finally
  7. Consultation.

This newsletter brings you Steven Bliss, GIA graduate and spokesperson for Joseph Menzie Inc. He will go over with you how to create revenue with older shopworn Gemstones. Read more

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A Champion for Colored Gemstones – The Loupe 2005

A Champion for Colored Gemstones

Published in Summer 2005 issue of The Loupe
ICA President Joe Menzie takes his love of color to emerging nations
By Mauricio Minotta

It’s near closing time at Joe Menzie’s booth at the GJX Show in Tucson and he can use a bite to eat and an earful of blues and jazz.

After negotiating with clients, holding impromptu meetings and finalizing details behind the International Colored Gemstone Association’s (ICA) next big marketing campaign, he’d like to take refuge with a little live music.

That’s the way Menzie winds down after a long day in New York City. The only problem is, the jazz clubs he visits for dinner in Greenwich Village are more than 2,000 miles away. He settles for a cigarette outside of the GJX tent to tell the story of his 32-year-career in the colored gemstone industry. It’s one about passion that grew the more he learned about gems.

“Without exaggeration, it took me many years of asking questions, learning and looking at gemstones before I could honestly say I started to understand pricing and the gem industry,” Menzie says. “I’ve been in the business for more than three decades, and I’m still learning because it is constantly changing.”

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Front page of Town and Country Magazine, July 2012, Pataki wedding article

Weddings, Town and Country Magazine, June/July 2012

Allison Pataki, daughter of former New York governor George Pataki, met her future husband, David Levy, during their sophomore year at Yale University. After the couple had been dating for six years, the groom proposed at the Patakis’ country home in the Adirondacks with an engagement ring he had designed with a family jeweler to recall one that Allison’s maternal grandmother used to wear.

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Gemologist and President of the International Colored Gemstone Association recieves a lifetime achievement award.

Joseph Menzie Honored with ICA Lifetime Achievement Award

Joseph Menzie receives the ICA Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Colored Gemstone Association in 2013Joseph M. Menzie was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) at the organization’s biennial congress in Changsha, China in May.

Menzie, who began his career at his grandfather’s company, Charles F. Winson, received this prestigious industry award that recognizes individuals who have devoted their time and energy in making significant contributions towards developing the global gemstone industry.
Menzie served for 16 years on the ICA board of directors, including serving as vice president, and two terms as president from 2003-2007.

During his tenure ICA expanded its reach into emerging consumer markets such as Russia, Korea, and started the initiatives in China in 2003. Working with government bodies, Menzie brought the message about gemstones into other markets including Dubai, where the ICA held its most successful congress in its history in 2007.

As president, he spearheaded developments of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives with an emphasis on assisting children in impoverished areas where gemstone deposits occur. Projects included computers for a school system in Muzo, Colombia, followed by a J/V with the government of Governado Valaderes, Brazil to provide assistance to a home for disadvantaged children.

Menzie supported campaigns to rebuild houses for those displaced by the tsunami in Sri Lanka, and led initiatives in Kenya and Tanzania providing much needed support to schools in mining areas.

Several of the CSR initiatives were tied to mine tours and as a result, participation from organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America, led to modification of their educational programs to reflect the hands-on experience gained through the ICA tours. Read more