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First Time Ever, for your benefit. A consortium is formed….

As you have read in our past newsletters, we have shifted, ever so slightly, our mission statement to become a “concierge” service provider. This enables you, our client, to learn, who are some of the “best of the best” in NYC and what amenities they provide that support and benefit your business and you.

To this end, we will showcase a number of companies and people, introducing them to you in our newsletter, via video; text and more fully on our website ( and Facebook page, These professionals embrace much of the service sector, inclusive of:

  1. Lappidist .. Diamonds and colored Gemstones,
  2. Estate purchasing / buying;
  3. Estate appraisals for period jewelry
  4. Diamond and Gemstone purchasing
  5. Manufacturing; Design … Handmade jewelry creations, casters and artisans that refurbish estate pieces,
  6. Stringing … pearls; beads and finally
  7. Consultation.

This newsletter brings you Steven Bliss, GIA graduate and spokesperson for Joseph Menzie Inc. He will go over with you how to create revenue with older shopworn Gemstones.

Best regards,

Joe Menzie

Ruby Cushion 
Burmese, 3.71 Carats

Ruby Oval 
Burmese, 3.04 Carats

Sapphire Cushion 
5.10 Carats
Create Revenue with Color Gemstones
Steven Bliss explains how it works..

Create Revenues with Colored Gemstones
Create Revenues with Colored Gemstones



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