portait photo of Joseph Menzie, gemologist and gemstone concierge

Joseph M. Menzie President at Joseph Menzie Inc

I know colored gemstones inside and out!

For more than 40 years I’ve been working with fine jewelers throughout the world providing them with beautiful gemstones, unique and extraordinary gems in all sizes and price ranges.

In addition, we purchase colored gems and offer a fair price.

Whatever your colored gemstone needs, we can fill them. If you just need some advice about colored stones don’t hesitate to call me.

Our knowledge can can be your knowledge with just a phone call.

I attended Pace University, then made my rounds to Iona, WCC, FIT, Ulster Community, and Queens Colleges. My Father once asked me if I was taking College as my career. Hey, it was the late 60’s & early ’70’s

I started working as an adjunct guidance counselor in Yonkers, NY working with street gangs and troubled youth – I wasn’t much older but my journey up to that point helped me understand the problems.

In 1974, I started an internship in my grandfather’s company. He was a wholesaler of loose precious colored Gemstones. I hated the job at first; it took me years to realize it was an industry where you absorb information. In 1984, I left the family business and started my own company, Joseph Menzie Inc., doing much the same thing. I was very involved with the industry, traveling the world to source and buy precious gemstones. Emeralds from Columbia, India and Brazil, Rubies; Sapphires from Burma, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. East Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria gave me other gemstones, – Tanzanite, Spinel’s, Tsavorites, Aquamarines, Tourmaline. It was a great ride. I met so many different and wonderful people, and became fast friends with many. I am very politically active in the industry, perhaps this as an offshoot of the 60’s.

In 2003, I was elected to the Presidency of the International Colored Gemstone Association, ICA.  The ICA was the world body for the Gemstone industry, comprising leading top firms from miners, through production /cutting centers through to the consuming markets. I stayed in an executive capacity for 12 years leaving in 2008. I managed and oversaw many venues. I was instrumental to bringing gemstone trade to Dubai, Korea, Russia and most important mainland China. We performed, as an association, many corporate social responsible actions in producing countries, mostly geared towards helping children.

In 2013 I was honored with “The Lifetime Achievement” award by the ICA and my peers in Guangsha, China.

I was privileged to have an audience with and meet Pope John Paul 111 in 2000, when his holiness blessed a sculpture that ICA crafted as symbol of peace for the new millennium.

The jewelry industry relies on honesty; trust and integrity. I am very pleased how I conducted my life, morally; ethically. My many clients and friends can attest to the same.

When you work with my company we will do the utmost to insure our knowledge and values will be profitable to your bottom line



CEO GuildJewels LLC

January 2004 – present

First to Market — Web based service business providing alternative distribution system, swapping of sorts, that facilitates retail and manufacturing jewelers gain the greatest monetary value for their sitting, stale, dated inventories, whilst maintaining brand identity. GuildJewels also offers the most secured network protecting merchandise and receipt of payment.

President at Joseph Menzie Inc

January 1986 – Present (30+ years)

A loose Precious Gemstone company, specializing in fine single one of a kind Gemstones and Gemstone set Jewelry, certified and origin driven. Service is our tag line, offering lapidary, cutting; polishing as well as hand crafted unique jewelry pieces for the most discriminating customers. Our consulting services helps define value and quality for your purchase and may facilitate in bringing greater value to your damaged chipped gemstones and diamonds.

Executive Board & President of the International Colored Gemstone Association — ICA

January 1999 – May 2011 (12 years 5 months)


1958 – 1964

Iona College
1964 to 1968

Pace University