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Joseph Menzie Inc. has been servicing the jewelry industry since 1973. Having started with his grandfathers family business, Charles F Winson Inc., then successfully establishing his own company in 1985. Joseph Menzie Inc is one of the most dependable sources of fine gemstones worldwide.  To maintain trust in this competitive market, we’re always adding key members to our organization who believe that service is essential to continued success.


Our team is made of experienced members and experts. Joe Menzie, a graduate gemologist, ran the Colored Gemstone Division for Golay Buchel. Joe served on the executive committee of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) from 1999-2011, serving two terms as President. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.  His network and credentials earned him a respectable place in the jewelry industry around the world.


Our team is committed to serve the jewelry industry with best service, value and trust.

We are confident that our combined experiences; worldwide connections will greatly benefit our customers, fulfill their expectations, increase their sales, and most of all be a part of creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.

It all starts with a conversation…

Introducing —— Joseph M Menzie Inc

Portait of Joseph MenzieI was thinking about how to write this introduction on my company and myself. So, I decided to give you a quick background on my mentors and what the jewelry industry was all about in the late 1960’s and 1970’s

I did start with my family, grandfather, Charles F Winson, wholesale colored gemstone business in 1973. Prior to being able to go on the road to “sell” my grandfather mandated I take the GIA colored Gemstone course as a backup for education. Eunice Miles, an instructor at GIA and good friend of my grandfather, would allow me to study at her desk, ask questions, get answers and serve as ancillary capacity to what the text books did not teach me. She was a wonderful woman with a twinkle in her eye that showed her excitement about Gemstones

My Grandfather had a cutting, lapidary studio, Eldot and Company. Here the master lapidist, Frank Lani, would show me how a gemstone could be improved, fixed, polished, made more brilliant, or minimized inclusions. We did work for Tiffany and Company, J and SS DeYoung, Barnet Robinson, Jacob Marshak, William Chalson, Provenzano, Schmidt, and many other leading carriage trade retail jewelers and manufacturers. I would constantly ask Frank and others how do you know what the prices are in various colors and gemstones. They would all smile and say, it will take time, you have to absorb the information. I thought I would be a quick learner, I found this not to be the case, it would take time

The trade was much smaller in the 1970’s. Wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers for the most part in NYC knew each other. There was a bond of trust and respect between individuals provided they live up to their word and commitments. It appeared a very congenial industry to be part of, however to gain access, I had a great stepping stone coming from a reputable family business – but still had to individually earn the respect from my peers.

So, what does it take, to be a successful wholesale Gemstone dealer today and earn respect from your peers? It really has not changed much at all from generations past. With over 43 years centered around colored gemstones, traveling all over the world, purchasing single one of a kind to production on size, calibrated “semi” precious I can say at my level, I certainly know and understand my product. I pride myself in the ability to communicate with my clients, giving them the tools they need to understand gemstones, create sales and be important with their clients. We are not a company that asks, how much can you spend, we try to understand what your client’s expectations are, we can certainly tell you a price to a quality description, size, shape, color of any Gemstone, but it first starts with a conversation. The better we communicate, the more we will both learn from each other and hopefully from the many conversations we have – our clients get a much better understanding about Gemstones, much the way I did studying with Eunice Miles.

At the end of the day, we both must be mutually profitable to stay in business. My job is to insure I help your bottom line. So, be it helping to source difficult, special color, certified, origin driven, enhanced or non- enhanced material we do it. Also, our lapidary, cutting and polishing program can be an extra source of service revenue you may offer your clients. Repairing, cutting in to fit stones on older pieces, or improving older gemstones, bringing them back to life and updating market value and potential purchase back to the trade.

We understand one very important ingredient, we must earn your respect and to do so, we go out of the way to help assist in your gemstone and jewelry needs for you to be sussefull. We certainly can appreciate that you have a plethora of responsibilities, information coming to you from all sides, so much to know – we will break it down so the world of gemstones can be a boon for the development of you, your clients and your business

It all starts with a conversation.